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Freehold recovery procedures recover long-standing estate rentcharges

Following a long, unsuccessful battle to recover unpaid estate rentcharges from a freehold property owner, the managing agent turned to Brady Solicitors for help. James Wren from Bradys’ service charge team stepped in and successfully recovered the debt in a matter of weeks.

The managing agent who was responsible for collecting estate rentcharges on a development had been using a large, specialist property management law firm for almost six years to try and recover the debt from one of the freehold property owners.

The owner was very elusive and the previous law firm had given up chasing the debt, despite obtaining two previous judgments.

When Brady Solicitors’ James Wren took on the case it quickly transpired, through a bit of detective work, that the freeholder had been disguising her identity to avoid paying. James’ tenacity and hard work revealed the freeholder’s true identity, which enabled him to apply our specialist freehold enforcement procedures to recover the debt in full, including payment of the previous two judgments.

A winning combination for successful estate rentcharges debt recovery

A combination of Bradys’ specialist freeholder debt expertise and James’ detective skills and desire to get a result for the client ensured swift success – the case was resolved in six weeks (it was with the other law firm for more than six years!) James’ hard work and successful recovery has enabled the client to start a planned project and will also help them to collect future estate rentcharges from the freehold property owner by ensuring they now have the correct contact details for issuing demands.

Can Brady Solicitors help you with your freehold debt matters?

We have successfully settled a number of cases for managing agents who had become frustrated with their previous solicitors failing to recover long outstanding debts. If you or your legal team have hit a brick wall with your freehold debts, particularly with estate rentcharges, contact the specialist team at Brady Solicitors – we are experts in estate rentcharge recovery.

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