Helping you extend your lease or acquire your freehold when the freeholder cannot be found or is unknown

In many cases, where the freeholder is missing the freehold building may have fallen into disrepair and the freeholder’s covenants relating to insurance and repair will not be complied with. This could have a negative impact on the value of the flats and restrict the ability of the leaseholder to extend their lease and otherwise deal with their flat.

Where a freeholder cannot be found or the identity of the freeholder is unknown, you may still have the right to extend your lease or acquire your freehold.

How do you show that your freeholder is missing?

  • No recent ground rent demands;
  • No reply from his/her last known address;
  • No knowledge of his/her whereabouts from neighbours

Brady Solicitors can:

  • Help you gather information to show your freeholder is absent
  • Successfully guide you through the court and tribunal process to help you secure your lease extension or acquire your freehold

Advantages to acquiring your freeholder where the freeholder is absent:

  • Officially control the maintenance and management of the freehold
  • Extend your leases
  • Avoid the pitfalls of an absence freeholder when selling your flat
  • Obtain refinancing for your flat

Friendly service, expert legal support

Brady Solicitors has the legal property management and lease extension expertise together with high levels of customer service to help you overcome the challenges of an absent freeholder.

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