Fast, fixed-fee lease review service

  • Are you confident that your leases support swift payment of service charges and good leaseholder relations?
  • Do your leases enable you to recover administration fees, interest, legal costs and subletting fees?
  • Is your team familiar with the content of your leases when they face a query from a leaseholder?

Brady Solicitors’ fast and fixed-fee lease review service is a valuable tool for the busy property manager. We check each clause in the lease to ensure that it supports your business objectives and we then supply you with a summary document to enable you to answer lease-related queries quickly and efficiently.

Should your lease review identify areas for improvement we can talk to you about how best to vary the leases to secure this improvement. Sometimes it can be faster and more effective to amend the memorandum and articles and we can support you through this process.

Ensure your leases support good leaseholder relations

For help with ensuring your leases support good leaseholder relations and minimise service charge default, call Brady Solicitors on 0115 985 3450 or contact us online – we’ll be pleased to help.

Lease Variation

If you are concerned that the provisions in your lease are inadequate or need modernising, perhaps to allow for a satellite dish to be installed or more complex work around service charge computations, you can vary a lease. Contact Brady Solicitors for advice on how best to do this.

Further Support for Property Managers

As well as helping you get your leases in check, Brady Solicitors also works with managing agents to take the stress out of property management and help to maintain good leaseholder relations. Click here to find out more about our services for managing agents and property managers.