What is a Licence to Alter?

A Licence to Alter is the formal, written document from your landlord that gives you approval to carry out certain improvements or alterations to your leasehold property, which you need to obtain before you get started. Failure to secure a Licence to Alter will most likely result in a breach of the lease.

When is a Licence to Alter required?

A Licence to Alter tends to be essential for:

  • Structural alterations, such as changes to room sizes, moving doorways or removing a wall.
  • Moving or fitting a new kitchen, bathroom or utility room (known as ‘wet areas’).
  • Installing a new heating system.
  • Making external alterations such as replacement windows.
  • Installing hard floors.

Applying for a Licence to Alter

To start the process you will need to supply the landlord with:

  • Full details of the alterations you want to make including plans of the proposed works, and
  • If structural alterations are proposed, you should also include engineers’ calculations and drawings

Brady Solicitors can help you with the application for a Licence to Alter and ensure you supply the relevant paperwork and provide sufficient evidence that the works will be carried out properly.

Please get in touch with any questions regarding Licence to Alter.