Freehold Debt and Estate Rentcharges

Dealing effectively with debts on freehold properties, such as new-build estates with common parts, can be difficult – unless you have the freehold debt recovery specialists at Brady Solicitors in your corner.

Helping you tackle the challenge of arrears on freehold property

Recovering the costs of managing communal areas can be a headache for managing agents of freehold properties. Non-payment of these estate rentcharges can quickly impact your ability to effectively manage the property, yet property owners don’t always understand their liability to pay. Unlike with service charge debts, you don’t have a lease to rely on and arrears recovery can be difficult.

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Our fast and effective freehold debt recovery system helps you to recover unpaid contributions to the cost of communal services provided to freehold property owners.

Brady Solicitors offer you:
  1. Market leading success rates in estate rentcharge arrears recovery
  2. No upfront cost to freeholder or managing agent
  3. Fast recovery of freehold debt often with no need for court proceedings
  4. Simple instruction process
  5. Easy to read and intelligent reports
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Estate rentcharges: what are they?

Estate rentcharges, freehold property charges, service charges on freehold property: the terminology varies but essentially we are talking about tools to secure contributions to the costs of maintaining communal areas such as a shared driveway, shared leisure facilities or green space.

They are not service charges but many people describe them as such. Whatever you choose to call these contributions, they are essential for ensuring freehold developers or estate managers can recover the costs of services provided to freehold property owners. These (usually annual) charges are common in new build developments of multiple freehold houses or older developments on private land, where the roads remain unadopted by the local authority.

Often it can come as a surprise to the individual property owners that they have obligations to contribute to communal areas or services, and this can add to the difficulty of the recovery process.

Freehold building

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The Brady Solicitors estate rentcharge recovery team can start recovering your freehold debts within 48 hours of instruction – and all usually at no cost to either you or your client. To get started, contact us using the button below.

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Managing Agent


They really ‘get’ the property management industry and what is required to support us in the variety of challenges we face.

Managing Agent


I have found them to be highly professional in all our dealings, but most of all knowledgeable of the minutiae of service charges and block management.

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We feel we have an expert partner on our side supporting our arrears collection. Using Bradys making our block management projects easier, educates our team and fundamentally makes our client relationships stronger.

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Since using Bradys for the last 18 months our service charge arrears situation has completely reversed. Not only have the collected arrears that have hung round for ages but they have reduced the overall debt considerably including on complex freehold estate rent charges.

Managing Agent


We turned to Brady Solicitors when our existing legal team hit a brick wall. Bradys got to grips with the problem, recovered the arrears and – happily – have helped us to build better leaseholder relationships.



I was very satisfied with Brady Solicitors. They were very helpful and if I did not understand things they were always there to help. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.



Brady’s has recently carried out multiple lease extensions, with mine included. These have taken place in good time, and I have been informed of the various steps of progress in a pleasant and knowledgeable manner. Many thanks.



I am very happy with the way Brady Solicitors helped me to extend my lease. They made the process easy, clarifying the various stages, giving me advice on my options and handling them professionally.


We take great pride in the recognition we have received, which showcases our innovative approaches and capabilities within the industry.

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