Helping you tackle the challenge of arrears on freehold property

Recovering the costs of managing communal areas can be a headache for managing agents of freehold properties. Non-payment of these estate rentcharges can quickly impact your ability to effectively manage the property, yet property owners don’t always understand their liability to pay. Unlike with service charge debts, you don’t have a lease to rely on and arrears recovery can be difficult.

Our fast, free and effective freehold debt recovery system helps you to recover unpaid contributions to the cost of communal services provided to freehold property owners.

Brady Solicitors offer you:

  • 100% success rate in estate rentcharge arrears recovery
  • No cost to freeholder or managing agent
  • Fast recovery of freehold debt with no need for court proceedings
  • Simple instruction process
  • Easy-to-read and intelligent reports

The Brady Solicitors estate rentcharge recovery team can start recovering your freehold debts within 24 hours of instruction – and all at no cost to either you or your freeholder client.