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Are leaseholders’ Airbnb and short term rentals causing problems in your block?

Brady Solicitors offer straightforward and effective legal advice to help you deal with the challenges of short-term and holiday lettings in your development.

Leaseholders continue to be tempted by Airbnb and short term lettings 

Leaseholders are being increasingly tempted to earn extra income by letting out their property when they are away, generally unaware that this puts them firmly in breach of the terms of their lease. As well as the breach of lease, a steady stream of short-term visitors can cause disruption to the development and impact on other leaseholders and residents. 

  • Are your leaseholders advertising their property on Airbnb and other sites? 
  • Do you have residents complaining about other properties being rented out for holiday and other short term lets? 
  • Are short term lettings causing problems at your development? 
  • Are you struggling to stop leaseholders letting out their flat on short term lettings sites? 

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then Brady Solicitors can helpyou take appropriate action. 

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What is needed to get started? 

Starting the process for dealing with leaseholders who are subletting their property is very simple. All you need to do is send us the following: 

  • Evidence of the breach – for example, which website(s) is the property listed on? Airbnb, HomeAway and Flipkey are some of the best known. 
  • A copy of the lease. 
  • The leaseholder’s contact details. 

Our fixed fee, super fast process ensures that the offending leaseholder is aware of the consequences of their activity and – in virtually every case – we can bring an end to Airbnb activity.

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Take the next step

Get in touch with Brady Solicitors now. We can help you to keep the flats in your developments off the short term lettings sites.

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Managing Agent


We feel we have an expert partner on our side supporting our arrears collection. Using Bradys making our block management projects easier, educates our team and fundamentally makes our client relationships stronger.

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They really ‘get’ the property management industry and what is required to support us in the variety of challenges we face.



I was very satisfied with Brady Solicitors. They were very helpful and if I did not understand things they were always there to help. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

Managing Agent


I have found them to be highly professional in all our dealings, but most of all knowledgeable of the minutiae of service charges and block management.

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Since using Bradys for the last 18 months our service charge arrears situation has completely reversed. Not only have the collected arrears that have hung round for ages but they have reduced the overall debt considerably including on complex freehold estate rent charges.

Managing Agent


We turned to Brady Solicitors when our existing legal team hit a brick wall. Bradys got to grips with the problem, recovered the arrears and – happily – have helped us to build better leaseholder relationships.



Many thanks for your help, professional advice and calm nerves. I will be recommending you to anyone I know needing a good solicitor buying or selling or indeed needing a lease extension.


We take great pride in the recognition we have received, which showcases our innovative approaches and capabilities within the industry.

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