Legal expertise in mixed-use property issues

Mixed-use developments are at the heart of many city regeneration schemes and are seen as essential for creating attractive and sustainable environments. They can range from a handful of flats above a shop to extensive developments combining luxury apartments, shops and offices.

Managing a mixed use development comes with its own unique challenges – not least because of the different legal rights enjoyed by residential and commercial tenants.

If you are managing a mixed-use development, you’ll need a legal team that has expertise in both leasehold law and commercial property matters and that can help you navigate through and property disputes that can cause you a headache.

Brady Solicitors has specialist expertise in residential, commercial and mixed use property law, meaning we can help you to resolve your queries and issues quickly and effectively.

Talk to us for help with:

  • Lease reviews and understanding your rights and obligations
  • Planning and funding major works projects
  • Recovering service charge arrears from residential leaseholders
  • Recovering service charge arrears from commercial tenants
  • Apportioning service charge costs between commercial and residential tenants
  • Charging for utilities


For help or advice on a legal property management question contact the friendly and expert Brady Solicitors team to find out how we can help you.

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