Taking the stress out of service charge disputes

Service charge disputes can be time-consuming and stressful as well as leading to significant cash-flow problems. Our service charge solicitors collect most undefended debts within 3 weeks, and the rest within 3 months. We also offer outstanding legal support, good documentation and clear communications to help carry you over the line when you are facing a service charge dispute.

A firm but fair approach

Whilst you can be assured of our strong track record on residential service charge disputes when leaseholders do decide to defend their non-payment of arrears, we place an equal focus on measures to prevent service charge arrears occurring in the first place. By focusing on ‘debt reduction’ as much as ‘debt collection’, we help our property management clients to minimise service charge arrears occurring, leading to better cash-flow, improved block management and happier leaseholders

At all times, our ‘firm but fair’ approach is grounded in an understanding of each client’s culture and their relationship with their leaseholders. We recognise after all that we act as an extension of our clients’ brands.

Using mediation to resolve service charge disputes

The Brady Solicitors team also includes a number of mediation experts, who bring a track record of helping clients to resolve difficult service charge disputes whilst preserving important and valuable relationships.

Find out how mediation helped unlock substantial service charge arrears


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