Are you ready for RTM?

As a leaseholder you may be keen to influence the selection of your managing agent and the insurance costs on your block. But to begin the work to set up an RTM company you first need the support of at least 50 percent of the leaseholders. Ideally, you will also have identified one (or preferably two) people that will be willing to be directors of the new RTM company.

The acquisition of the Right to Manage can take some time and there are plenty of opportunities for error if procedures are not followed correctly throughout. At Brady Solicitors we have experience of RTM scenarios from straightforward supported RTMs right through to complex defended cases, confronting freeholder tactics to delay the process.

Taking you through the RTM process

From securing the necessary leaseholder support for the RTM, through to setting up the company, educating directors on their responsibilities and helping you to pick up the pieces from leaseholder disputes with the previous managing agent, Brady Solicitors is your partner for a successful Right to Manage application.


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