Are you experiencing…

  • A badly managed development?
  • Poor customer service?
  • Inadequate or opaque financial management?
  • A lack of expertise in building maintenance?
  • Unexplained service charge costs?
  • Poor communications and a lack of transparency?

If so, then you are not alone. More than two thirds of leaseholders report being unhappy with the service provided by their managing agent.

The Brady Solicitors Leaseholder Survey in conjunction with LEASE also found that many leaseholders simply did not know what rights were available to them to change agents.

It’s time to get in touch so we can help you through the process.

What are your options when you are unhappy with your Managing Agent?

As an expert property management law firm we can advise you on the options you may have when considering how to change agent. Depending on the commercial and legal set-up of your block this can be simple enforcement of notice clauses right through to more complex enforcement of leaseholder rights. We can also help you secure swift access to the key information your new Managing Agent will need to begin the new regime of service delivery.

There are three main options for leaseholders seeking to change managing agent:

1.Right to Manage (RTM)

RTM gives leaseholders the ability to take over the management of their block. This is done by setting up an RTM company that allows them to the ability to appoint their own Managing Agent and control the insurance. Brady Solicitors can guide you through an RTM and help you take back control of your leasehold property.

2.Appointment of a Manager

Appointment of a manager is a ‘fault-based’ right, which allows individual leaseholders to apply to the First-tier Tribunal to appoint a manager if they consider the management of the block to be unsatisfactory. The FTT has the power to appoint a manager in place of the landlord or RTM company, so long as the statutory grounds can be established and it is “just and convenient” to do so. Brady Solicitors has successfully guided scores of leaseholders through the Appointment of Manager process.

3.Review of Management Contract and Lease

A review of your management contract may identify any notice periods or triggers that will allow you to end the contract with your incumbent managing agent. Sometimes the lease can also allow routes to disengage from current management structures. Brady Solicitors can review your management contract as well as helping you to develop a well-worded and effective contract with the replacement managing agent.

Contact our team to learn how you can change your managing agent and take control of your block.