Lease review project avoids future problems

Less than perfect leases can cause problems with leaseholders and give rise to countless issues for managing agents. At Brady Solicitors we have an ethos of avoiding leasehold issues before they occur and recommend all clients take steps to ensure leases are a true representation of the parties’ expectations.

The Clients’ Business Support Director commented “We simply did not have the capacity to deal with the volume of lease reviews we required. Brady Solicitors were flexible with volume pricing and offered us the expertise and ability to ensure that our current practices where indeed in line with the requirements and hence avoid issues occurring that could have adversely affected our client relationships and estates cash flow

During the process the Brady Solicitors team was able to discover and develop ways to correct numerous issues that would have caused major difficulty or resulted in leaseholder challenges in the future. To find out more how Brady Solicitors can assist with lease review contact us on enquiries@bradysolicitors.com

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