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Consistency is key for managing agent taking over a new block 

Over the last 8 years Brady Solicitors have been the legal partner of choice for a large Merseyside block, despite the managing agent for the property changing twice during this time.  

When the current managing agent took over the Merseyside block in April 2021, they hadn’t worked with Bradys previously, but were aware of us and our work within the industry. They chose to continue using us as their legal partner for the block, and it is safe to say our relationship with them has gone from strength to strength since then. 

Backing Bradys

Initially the decision to continue using Bradys was made as our client wanted to benefit from the historical knowledge of the block that we could supply them with, as well as our ability to bring them up to speed on the processes already in place quickly. We were also able to point out nuances within the leases and any difficult clauses they needed to be aware of that may leave some ambiguity.  

In addition to our historical knowledge of the block, they were also impressed by the fact that we had a 100% success rate in recovering service charge arrears prior to them taking over the block and they valued the consistency we could help them provide their leaseholders. 

Ongoing relationship

As our client has chosen to continue working with us, we have remained the one consistent supplier over the last 8 years, ensuring that debt levels have always remained acceptable, and the maintenance budget has remained strong throughout. Additionally, as we have worked with our client over the last 2-3 years to educate their leaseholders of the importance of prompt service charge payment, Bradys has managed to reduce the number of arrears cases needing to go to legal by 30%.   

Client feedback

The Managing Agent MD says:

“Although prior to taking on the Merseyside block we hadn’t worked with Bradys, we were very much aware of them and their expertise within the industry. It is part of the reason why we were happy to keep them in place after we took over the block. It has proved to be the right decision, as since doing so we have been delighted with their support. We’re now partnering with Bradys exclusively for all legal matters at all of our properties, as we’ve been so impressed.” 

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