We have updated our Managing Agent Guide to bring you practical advice and ready-to-use templates to help you manage cash flow, and ensure block management processes and client relationships remain as close as possible to “business as usual” in the changing and unprecedented world of Spring 2020.

We are in very challenging times. As a managing agent you have to juggle clients, leaseholders, health and safety obligations and of course manage your trusted supplier network.  You also need to ensure your teams can function and management fees continue to flow in a sudden and changing financial landscape.

Many Brady Solicitors clients are reporting an increase in challenges on service delivery from increased cleaning, raised occupancy of the blocks due to self-isolation the ‘stay at home’ policy, and an upturn in home working. All this puts pressure on the managing agent and your ability to deliver a safe environment in line with client requests and requirements.

The guidance notes and templates are available free of charge to managing agents. To request your copy simply email propman@bradysolicitors.com and we will send it to you within 24 hours.

The Managing Agent’s Guide to Service Charge Recovery and Provision of Services with the impact of COVID-19 covers:

  1. The changing environment facing block management in Spring 2020
  2. The Managing Agent and client relationship
  3. Terms of Appointment
  4. Sample text for COVID-19 credit control communications
  5. Advice on the use of instalments and what happens when a leaseholder breaches them
  6. Managing the relationship with non-paying leaseholders
  7. Lease obligations vs. reduced services under COVID-19
  8. Use of reserve or sinking funds in COVID-19
  9. Ready-to-use templates and resources to help with your leaseholder and client comnunications