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News on the Block Essential Managing Agent Guide to Service Charges

Your free Managing Agent Guide to Service Charge Recovery

We all know that service charge arrears hinder cashflow, impact on client relationships and get in the way of maintenance.

One of the easiest ways to minimise arrears at your developments is to make sure that your service charge systems and processes support prompt payment.

To help you with this, we have teamed up with News on the Block to bring you the Essential Managing Agent’s Guide to Service Charges, packed with expert advice that you can implement TODAY.

The Managing Agent’s Guide to Service Charge Recovery will help you to ensure that your service charge demands and processes are compliant, effective, and support prompt payment. 

Download the guide and get practical, expert advice and reminders on:

  • How to issue a service charge demand 
  • How to plan for and fund major works 
  • How to carry out a section 20 major works consultation 
  • How to understand the difference between reserve and sinking funds 
  • How to ensure your service charges are reasonable
  • How to recover arrears from absent or overseas leaseholders

Download your free Managing Agent Guide to Service Charge Recovery by completing the form on this page.

For help with issuing service charge demands or recovering service charge arrears, please click here to contact the team at Brady Solicitors.

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