Leaseholders Guide to Collective Enfranchisement

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As a leaseholder you’ll no doubt be aware that you and your fellow residential leaseholders are legally entitled to collectively purchase the freehold of your block – known as a collective enfranchisement.

To help you and your fellow leaseholders, we’ve created a helpful Guide to Collective Enfranchisement, which you can access by completing the form on this page.

In this guide we answer and cover in detail the following:

  • How to prepare for your collective enfranchisement project
    • 5 Steps you need to complete before starting the process
  • How long does it take to complete the process?
    • We cover the three most common scenarios after starting the process and detail the average duration of each one.
  • The most common challenges/considerations and how to respond!
    • Securing 50 percent leaseholder participation
    • Locating the freeholder
    • The freeholder doesn’t respond to the Initial Notice
    • The freeholder disputes your right to buy the freehold
    • We can’t agree the premium
    • We can’t agree on legal issues, such as rights of way
    • The freeholder’s legal costs are too high
    • Managing a rogue leaseholder

Download your copy of ‘The Guide to Collective Enfranchisement’ using the form on the right.

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