Considering buying a new build property? Lesley Brentnall, conveyancing specialist at Brady Solicitors has condensed the most important questions you should be raising with your conveyancing solicitor.

Buying a new build property is appealing to buyers for a variety of reasons; it could be for energy efficiency or the standardand quality that come with a new build. You might think that because the property is a new build there’s little that could go wrong, however there are potential problems that can arise during the buying process which could result in extra expenses.

With specialist attention during the purchase process, these problems can be avoided. The below checklist is a useful and speedy guide to the questions you should ask your conveyancing solicitor.

Questions to ask your conveyancing solicitor:

  • What arrangements have you made for items to be included in the sale or additional works to be done? Have these agreements been recorded in the contract between you and the developer?
  • Is access to the property to remain private? If so, are there adequate rights to use the access and will the owner be required to maintain the access?
  • Have checks been made to ensure that services for the property do not cross third party land?
  • If the property is part of a conversion have all works been done to separate off the services, with separate meters installed where necessary, or have arrangements for sub meters been put in place?
  • Have all planning conditions been complied with?
  • Does the property have benefit of building regulations approval?
  • Has the Land Registry approved the site layout plan?
  • Is there a standard warranty (NHBC, Premier) offered with the property? If there is no standard warranty offered you need to check if the Professional Consultants Certificate is in a format that your lender finds acceptable. Is the certificate backed by suitable Professional Indemnity Insurance?
  • Are suitable arrangements in place for the adoption of the roads once the development is complete?
  • Have the boundaries of the property been properly mapped out on site and do they conform to the proposed layout plan?

The above points are guide to questions to consider and you should also take into account the type of property and development, such as if it is a leasehold flat on a retirement complex or a freehold house on a new estate.

If you are unsure of your potential responsibilities under a new lease we would recommend using specialist solicitors to conduct a lease review.

Conveyancing specialists

Buying a leasehold or freehold new build home presents a wide range of challenges and non-specialist or less experienced conveyancers may miss out on important details that can be expensive to rectify.

Brady Solicitors’ conveyancing experts are experienced in all aspects of new build property sales and purchases with the specialist understanding of leasehold transactions to prevent any unwanted expenses occurring after completion

Our conveyancing team is on hand to help you get started with buying your new home; drop us a line on 0115 985 3450 or click here to email us.