Lease extension expertise saves flat sale from unhappy ending

The stakes were high in a case where a client’s sale threatened to fall through if the lease wasn’t extended in time for a tight deadline. With less than three weeks to the go the leaseholder turned to Brady Solicitors for a solution.

The leaseholder was part of a residents management company (RMC) and had a buyer lined up for their flat. The leaseholder had originally opted to use a fixed-price conveyancing service and everything ran smoothly until the conveyancing solicitors hit a road block: the flat couldn’t be sold without extending the lease and the solicitors didn’t have the expertise to handle the lease extension.

With the sale threatening to fall through, the leaseholder instructed Brady Solicitors’ Lesley Brentnall to resolve the issue. Lesley drafted the necessary documentation to extend the lease and, using open communication to emphasise the tight timeframe, secured speedy approval for the extension from the RMC.

Securing leaseholder permission

To complete the lease extension Lesley needed permission from the other leaseholder who jointly owned the flat with the client. There was one small problem, the joint owner lived in Hong Kong. After a tense wait the paperwork returned in time from Hong Kong and Lesley was able to complete the lease extension in time for the buyer’s deadline.

Thanks to Lesley’s expertise, tenacity and excellent communications, the lease extension was secured and the flat sale completed with no further complications.

Using specialist leasehold conveyancers

Low cost conveyancing services are an appealing option when selling your property but if you run into problems that need specialist advice, you may end up paying far more to put them right. We would always recommend using conveyancers experienced with leasehold matters when selling or purchasing a leasehold property.

If have a complex conveyancing matter or need your lease extending, Brady Solicitors’ conveyancing team will be happy to advise you. You can call us on 0115 985 3450 or click here to send an email.

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