Licence to assign: Streamlined and added-value support for a busy managing agent

Brady Solicitors exceed expectations to become the go-to licence to assign solicitors.

In this success story, we look at how Brady Solicitors has lightened the load for a high-end managing agent, taking care of its licence to assign requests and providing proactive support, without any additional costs to them.

Our relationship with this managing agent dated back to December 2017, when we successfully helped them with several service charge projects. They more recently got in touch with Bradys for help with a licence to assign request from one of their leaseholders, as they didn’t have the capability or capacity to carry out the work themselves.

A licence to assign is where the freeholder gives their consent for a leaseholder to ‘assign’ (eg: transfer or sell) their lease to a new leaseholder. the most common example of this is when a flat is sold.

Licence to assign clauses are quite common in long residential leases and are grounded in the idea that they give the freeholder the opportunity to ‘vet’ new potential leaseholders.

Fast turnaround

Through our substantial experience within the leasehold/ property management sector, we were able to quickly put in place a process and turn around the initial licence to assign project within a matter of days. As an industry guideline, three to four weeks is generally a benchmark.

The speed and quality of our work led to Bradys being appointed by the managing agent to take care of all their future licence to assign work.

A tailored process and some added-value extras

To manage the future volume of licence to assign cases, we worked with the managing agent to develop a tailored process for all requests. This process also ensured that the managing agent had a copy of all relevant documents to evidence who was responsible for the leaseholder obligations within each apartment.

This tailored process has enabled us to manage all of the requests with relative ease and has given the managing agent a dedicated solicitor who not only looks after all of their licence to assign requests, but also notice of transfer and, when required, notice of charge work for incoming leaseholder.

When asked about their experience working with us, the managing agent stated:

“Working with Brady Solicitors has always been easy, but we’re continually impressed with their knowledge and the speed at which they work. Having regular contact with the same person there is also brilliant, as they are always up to speed on all of the ongoing work we have with them.”

A rewarding experience

For our part, we were delighted to have the opportunity to develop a bespoke process that made our client’s life easier- and ensured Brady Solicitors became their go-to solicitors for all their licence to assign work.

If you’re looking for a solicitor to assist you with licence to assign requests, or simply have a question regarding the process, please do get in touch.

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