Commercial Property Disputes

Commercial property litigation calls for lawyers who work thoroughly, quickly and skilfully with a real understanding of the client’s business, objectives and attitude to risk.

Whether you are a commercial landlord, tenant, developer or managing agent, Brady Solicitors has the experience and commercial know-how to achieve a successful outcome that is right for you – whichever side of the argument you are on.

Sharing the risk of litigation

We understand that litigation can feel like a high risk strategy and are often able to offer innovative fee structures that enable us to share the risk  Add to this our exemplary relationship management and intelligent commercial tactics and you have a valuable partner when commercial property disputes and issues arise.

Brady Solicitors can support you across a wide spread of property disputes – we have highlighted below some of the more common ones. 

Commercial lease issues

From opposed and unopposed lease renewals and extensions, break clauses and exercising your rights,to disclaimers, forfeiture and lease surrender, our track record in successful negotiations will ensure matters are dealt with swiftly, often avoiding the need for costly legal proceedings.


Schedules of dilapidations (disrepairs) are often the cause of commercial property disputes between landlords and tenants, particularly upon termination of the lease. Brady Solicitors can help you resolve commercial dilapidations disputes and have even been known to negotiate substantial reductions in claims for our clients.

Service charge and CRAR recovery

We are well known for our ability to help clients resolve complex commercial property disputes arising from non-payment of service charges or rent. We guarantee you market-leading recovery speeds and success, no upfront costs and full and transparent reporting. We can also provide advice and support on the recently-introduced CRAR procedures, which all commercial landlords must follow when collecting commercial rent arrears.

Forfeiture and possession proceedings

If you need to end your commercial lease, Brady Solicitors can talk you through your options and steer you to a suitable outcome. We are experienced in both forfeiture and possession proceedings and can handle the process from beginning to end. In all cases, however, we always aim to settle any disputes through effective negotiation to avoid the need for costly court fees.

Rent reviews

Whilst inevitable, rent reviews are rarely well-received by cost sensitive commercial tenants and need to be handled sensitively and tactfully. Brady Solicitors provides advice and negotiation on rent reviews and has the necessary skills to handle contested reviews to help maintain a positive relationship between commercial landlords, agents and tenants.


If you are facing a tricky commercial property dispute, call us on 0115 985 3450 or drop us an email and we’d be pleased to help you to a successful outcome.

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