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The Brady Solicitors Collective Enfranchisement Calculator is designed to assist those interested in buying their freehold via the collective enfranchisement route, or simply seeking to determine the potential value of their proposed freehold purchase. Learn more about collective enfranchisement for leaseholders

Simply input the required information and our calculator will provide an average estimation of value.

Please note that these values are meant to be used as a general guide and cannot be presented in a tribunal or court of law.



This calculator is to be used as a guide only and is not a substitute for a professional valuation. It does not factor in any ground rent reviews, legal or surveyor fees.


How to use the Enfranchisement Calculator

To find out the approximate value of your freehold interest for Collective Enfranchisement, you’ll need to input the following details.

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Input the following details of each flat within the building/property.

  1. Flat / Property number or name
  2. Flat / Property number or name
  3. Start date of the lease
  4. Annual ground rent
  5. Original lease term (which is usually 99, 125, or 999 years)
  6. Click Calculate

To add more than one flat or property, please click the green “+” button. If you need to delete a flat or make a mistake, you can use the red “bin” button. When you’ve added all the flats in your building, press the green “calculate” button to see the estimated values which are displayed as a range of ‘low/average/high’ values.

What if I don’t have all of the details?

There are three ways you can use the collective enfranchisement calculator. The first is set out above, but if you do not have the details of each individual property then there are two other options. See all three options below:

1. Input the details of each flat/property individually (see above)

2. Aggregate each ‘type’ of property as one line item.

Example (1, 2 and 3 bed apartments would be inputted this way).

  • 3 x 1 bed apartments (worth £200k each with ground rents of £200 pa) = input total value £600k/ground rent £600 pa
  • 4 x 2 bed apartments (worth £250k each with ground rents of £300 pa) = input total value £1m/ground rent £1200 pa
  • 2 x 3 bed apartments (worth £400k each with ground rents of £500 pa) = input total value £800k/ground rent £1000 pa

3. Aggregate all flats/properties into one line item. Example (using the same numbers above)

  • 9 x apartments (worth £2.4m collectively with ground rents totalling £2800 pa) = input total value £2.4m/ground rent £2800 pa

Please note that the Brady Solicitors Enfranchisement Calculator Tool is to give you an estimation of the premium you may pay. The calculator is based on an industry equation used by UK freehold valuers but should not be used to determine the final valuation.

It’s important to get a professional valuation when buying or selling a freehold because there are many factors that can affect the value. Failing to consider an important factor could result in a difference of thousands of pounds. If you’d like to buy your freehold, please complete the form below for a free quotation.

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