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Service charge recovery and overseas leaseholders

Are you worried about how to recover service charges from leaseholders that move abroad? Fear not – the service charge experts at Brady Solicitors can recover arrears from overseas leaseholders wherever they are.

Overseas investors and leaseholders living abroad are causing difficulties for managing agents when it comes to issuing service charge demands and/or recovering arrears.

We would always encourage you to try and keep up to date leaseholder contact records, but we understand that this is tricky when leaseholders move to sunnier climes.

The key to maintaining cash flow is to not let arrears mount up if you can’t track down the leaseholder. You need to enlist the help of a specialist solicitor as early as possible who can quickly recover payment from overseas leaseholders.

Brady Solicitors has an excellent track record of recovering service charge arrears from ‘out of jurisdiction’ leaseholders

We have successfully handled a number of cases for our clients whose leaseholders have moved to all sorts of places, including the Caribbean! A recent success story involved Brady’s head of service charge recovery, Annette Frost, recovering arrears from a leaseholder living in Australia. Annette commented:

“After initial disputes and negotiations regarding the appointment of a new agent and a necessary increase in service charge, we have now secured payment from the leaseholder, currently residing in Australia, and have a very satisfied client”.

Do you have overseas leaseholders?

Your legal team can still pursue leaseholders who are out of jurisdiction – it may just need a bit of detective work or specialised legal expertise. Contact the team at Brady Solicitors before your arrears mount up.

For further information on how to overcome some of the other challenges of recovering service charge arrears, read our blog here.

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