Helping a client’s credit control team to recover tricky service charge arrears

Longstanding non-payers on a managing agent client’s estate had the credit control team at their wits end. Service charge demands had been issued correctly and no defence was being offered for non-payment of the service charge arrears – the demands were simply being ignored, year after year.

With arrears totalling over £20,000, maintenance works had ground to a halt and utility companies were threatening to stop supply. Unsurprisingly, the paying leaseholders were unhappy and our client had to take the unwelcome step of making a personal loan to the block simply to keep things ticking over.

In July 2013 Brady Solicitors began working with our client’s in-house credit control team to pick up the arrears and, through open communication, well-practised tactics and a not inconsiderable dollop of tenacity, we managed to recover the full £20k of arrears by mid-October. The works have now restarted and our client can deliver the property management service that the paying leaseholders deserve.

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If your in-house team would like some help with the trickier arrears cases, call the Service Charge team at Brady Solicitors on 0115 985 3450 or drop us an email and we’ll do our best to get them collected within three months.

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