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Securing service charge arrears from a disruptive leaseholder

Under Clare Brady’s expert supervision our team recently helped a managing agent client to secure some longstanding service charge arrears racked up by a difficult leaseholder.

Our client’s leaseholder had built up a significant sum of arrears over a number of years by using a range of technical points as grounds for non-payment and tying up in knots our client’s credit control team with a series of sophisticated arguments. To complicate matters, the property in question was up for sale (much to the relief of our client and the other leaseholders!) – but this sale clearly could not proceed until the arrears situation was resolved.

By entering into negotiations with the leaseholder and presenting a rational and reasoned argument to each of his grounds for non-payment, we were able to secure for our client the full service charge arrears plus costs.

Happily, the sale of the property is now going through and our client is looking forward to managing a more harmonious block!

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