Property law is what we do. This is our why.

Our mission at Brady Solicitors is to transform the legal profession into one that is more inclusive and empathetic. We want to close the gap between what the legal profession is now, and what it can be in the future: a caring profession.

Our goal is to create a fantastic place for our team to work, with a razor-sharp focus on providing a clear, robust, and empathetic service for our clients. And this holds true for our business support professionals and lawyers alike, we are committed to creating a truly meritocratic culture that rewards endeavour – regardless of role.

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Our thoughts on what makes a great lawyer

Being a great lawyer is not all about winning cases or generating fees it is about providing clear advice that helps clients navigate through difficult situations. At Bradys we aim to provide our lawyers with a space that allows them to be themselves, and to providing clear and straight-talking advice.

The best lawyers act in a way that shows they care about their client. They don’t just act in their clients’ best interest they actually give their clients the feeling that they care, that they are on their side. They deliver the best results they can but also make sure their client is fully aware of the risks and possible outcomes, including clarity on costs.

While we would like to think that all lawyers provide that level of service, sadly, that’s not the case. What happens in many law firms is that lawyers’ roles get mixed up. They are expected to be sales people or revenue generating centres. The focus then comes away from the help and the care of clients’ best interests.

Business support and administrative professionals

Since our very first day we have always invested strongly in our business service and support teams. Our senior management team includes HR professionals, finance, marketing and business development people that are all at the top of their game, supported by talented individuals across the business.

Our business support team works closely with the lawyers to provide a service where we strive to obtain the best results possible for our clients.

Are you ready for a daring adventure? Join Brady Solicitors and help us push along this wave of change.

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