Service charge arrears – when do you bring in the specialists?

From overseas, buy-to-let leaseholders to expensive major works projects, Brady Solicitors’ service charge specialists take a look at some of the trickier service charge situations that the team has been tackling.

You don’t need us to tell you that service charge arrears cause cash-flow problems and that difficult disputes can take your time and attention away from block management matters, all of which will impact on your leaseholder relationships.

Chasing up slow payers or dealing with the odd troublesome leaseholder quibbling every item on his service charge demand is pretty routine stuff and something that many property management companies are comfortable handling themselves.

However, as your property portfolios grow, or you take on new and perhaps more difficult blocks, you can find yourselves facing more complex service charge challenges that might be beyond your team or your existing legal providers.

As 2014 draws to a close, here is our top 10 list of ‘I’m a managing agent get me out of here’ moments that resulted in a call for help to Brady Solicitors:

  • Recovering arrears from overseas, buy-to-let leaseholders.
  • Service charge arrears on freehold properties.
  • Recovering service charge debts where there is no lender or mortgage.
  • Planning for and recovering the costs of major works.
  • Breaches of lease.
  • Bankrupt leaseholders.
  • Problems with demands that have been issued incorrectly.
  • Large scale arrears – such as with major works or arrears that have been allowed to accumulate.
  • Actions in the FTT (formerly the LVT).
  • Tracing leaseholders who have ‘disappeared’.

The Brady team has delivered successful outcomes in all these tricky service charge situations, helping clients resolve issues that went beyond the legal nous of their existing legal providers or in-house teams. 

If we can help you with your service charge recovery needs – however complex or straightforward – please get in touch, we’d be pleased to talk you through your options.

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