Success all-round in commercial forfeiture case

Brady Solicitors’ commercial and conveyancing specialists combined their legal expertise to achieve a favourable outcome for all parties, when a commercial tenant failed to pay their rent or service charges.

Our client, the commercial freeholder, was at their wits end with a commercial tenant who had failed to pay any of their rent or service charges, which was amounting to a substantial commercial debt. So much so that the client’s priority was to sell their freehold interest in the property to the managing agent who had lined up a new commercial tenant.

We started commercial forfeiture action by way of peaceable re-entry, which is quick and avoids expensive court costs. Peaceable re-entry entitles the landlord (when actioned correctly) to re-enter the property, re-take possession and change the locks.

With possession re-gained, our conveyancing experts then completed the sale of the freehold to the managing agent in just 10 days. Our client was relieved to be free of the property and the troublesome tenant; the managing agent was happy to gain control and was quickly able to move the new tenant in.

Combined expertise makes commercial sense

In commercial litigation, success isn’t always about financial rewards; it’s about achieving the best outcome for the client – quickly and cost-effectively. Brady Solicitors understands our clients’ needs and can combine our legal expertise to handle all types of commercial property matters in-house.

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